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Photos-pic of the day 1-100 Photos-pic of the day 1-100 10/18/13 185727111 10/19/13 Cara Bonewitz in her studio at Gowanus open studios. You can check out her work at 185773433 10/20/13 Bushwick street art, artist unknown 185795928 10/21/13 Bushwick bicycles 185853784 10/22/13 Midtown NYC, love the reflective glass facade of the building on the right. The reflections change depending on where you look at it from. I call it the Q-bert building. 185890068 10/23/13 Love this guy's work. Roa in Brooklyn. 185920446 10/24/13 Roa in Berlin! 185953732 10/25/13 So Berlin is a great city and amidst tons to do and see there is something called the East Side Gallery. The E.S.G. used to be a section of the Berlin wall that was kept intact. It is quite a sight to see. Artists from all over the world have done murals on it. I will be posting some of those further down the road. Amidst these magnificent paintings there was this little thing-a-ma-bobber that I thought was pretty funny. 185986621 10/26/13 This is another piece that is on the East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall. 186016492 10/27/13 So this Summer I went to Barcelona and a few other places. My flight arrived to Barcelona a little late and I got to the hostel I was staying at and raced across the city to see the Magic Fountain show at Mont Juic, which starts at sunset. Mont Juic sits near the ocean and one of the many things it has been used for is a military stronghold due to its vantage point being able to see around Barcelona in 360 degrees. This viewpoint looks West out over the city towards the Serra de Collserola mountain range. It was an excellent way to start the trip, which was amazing, and this experience ended up being inspiration for one of my destination series paintings. 186050015 10/28/13 So I have only seen this in Spain. It is probably a different material, or different color in other places. When a pre-existing building is knocked down a yellowish orange substance is sprayed where the knocked down building butted up against the building that is still standing. It creates an interesting monochromatic texture resembling some type of ghost image of the demolished building. 186095828 10/29/13 People seem to dig the yellow sealant building ghost images so here is another one. 186132624 10/30/13 High above the Pyrenees, 186169560 10/31/13 So I think Salvador Dali had a pretty good grasp on expressing the bizarre. One of the places I went this past Summer was the museum dedicated to him, which he helped design in Figueres, Spain. This image is part of a ceiling mural that is quite impressive. Besides the trip in general being so the visit to this museum has been very inspirational to me. In the spirit of Samhain, Dia de Muertos, and Halloween the pics over the next couple of days will be geared towards the eerie, the weird, and the bizarre as it is one of my favorites times of the year. 186194138 11/1/13 This is a pic of a labyrinth garden in Barcelona. While it might not necessarily look spooky they always remind me of the movie "The Shining". 186225086 11/2/13 Brooklyn street art in Bushwick, artist unknown. 186251309 11/3/13 This is a triptych painting of the artist Lucian Freud. It was painted by Francis Bacon. It will be auctioned off in the sale I work on at Christie's on November 12th. That is the Post-war and Contemporary evening sale/auction. The piece could possibly fetch a price in the $100 million dollar range. That and many other amazing pieces can be viewed publicly in the gallery spaces at Christie's the weekend of November 8th, 9th, and 10th. 186286659 11/4/13 random NYC truck art. 186329211 11/5/13 My friend, artist Zefrey Throwell about to unleash one of his large group "Midtown Games" performance pieces. The Midtown Games are guerilla performance pieces that Zefrey coordinates with large groups of people that converge on an area and take it over to have an athletic event. This one was a relay race through times square with a motley crew of characters. You can check out his work at, amazing work. One of my favorites is another large group performance piece called "Ocularpation:Wall Street" where he had 50 people dressed up from typical Wall Street employees to street sweepers during a typical Monday morning, strip down to their birthday suits and go about their business. Check his work out at, you won't be disappointed. 186368634 11/6/13 186404292 11/7/13 So today we installed the public viewing of the Post-war and Contemporary artwork for the evening sale at Christie's, which is one of the sales I work on. One of the pieces up for auction is a Maurizio Cattelan wax figure sculpture of two NY housing police standing on their heads. There was an NYPD cop walking through the galleries and I got a picture of him in front of them. 186434030 11/8/13 My friend the artist and musician Renzo Ortega in his studio at Hunter College M.F.A. open studios, which is going on tonight till 9, and tomorrow 12-6. 205 Hudson Street in NYC near the Holland Tunnel. You can also check out his visual creations at and his audio sensations at 186464012 11/9/13 This is my favorite piece in the Christie's Post-war and Contemporary evening sale. It is "Untitled No. 11" by Mark Rothko. I will be posting pics of artwork from the sale till Tuesday, which is the night of the sale. This is an interesting quote from Rothko whose work I have always admired and been influenced by. "I would like to say to those that think of my pictures as serene.... that I have imprisoned the most utter violence in every inch of their surface." 186527182 11/10/13 While I am not a huge fan of the artist Jeff Koons by any stretch I have to say I like this piece by him. It is called "Balloon Dog" and is estimated to sell at $35-55 million at Christie's in the Post-war & Contemporary evening sale on Tuesday. 186527240 11/11/13 With gratefulness in mind to all the Veterans out there this pic of the day is of a painting by Christopher Wool titled "Apocalypse Now". It is in the Christie's Post-war & Contemporary evening sale auction tomorrow night and is estimated to sell at $15-20 million. It is referencing a line from a letter in the movie that Colonel Kurtz sends home to his wife from Vietnam/Cambodia, which reads "Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids". Just another example of what war does to people. 186569656 11/12/13 Discussing these crazy prices for art I know can be quite frustrating for a lot of people. It is quite mind boggling to me also. That being said the Christie's Post-war and Contemporary evening sale reached a total of $691 million, which is a record for an auction total, and the Francis Bacon "Lucian Freud triptych" sold for $142 million, which is a record for highest price paid for a piece of artwork at auction. One piece from the sale that is another favorite of mine is by Jean-Michel Basquiat "Mad Man" as I often like seeing former graffiti artists, and graffiti/street artists for the most part do well at auction, and as contradictory as it may seem this painting on paper laid down on canvas sold for 10 million tonight. 186610457 11/13/13 Os Gemeos the Brazilian street art duo in Berlin aka "The Twins". They are twin brothers that do amazing work. Please also send me any notifications of any openings, interesting exhibits, open studios, band shows, you just wanting people to check out your stuff and get some feedback and I will post it on here. It doesn't matter where it is. I am just pretty delerius from work and haven't been able to keep up with projects my friends have going on, but I will be catching up and adding an aspect of 'this is what is going on' with events to the pics of the day. I will have some new painting pics up within the next few days also, enjoy life and each other. If we don't communicate, love, and express we eradicate. 186653547 1/14/13 This is a new painting of mine titled "We All Have Stars In Our Eyes", acrylic paint on wood panel, 24 x 18 inches, 2013. 186664857 11/15/13 My friend the artist Paul Fortunato. While I have been trying to get pictures of artists in their studios this one is not. You can see pictures of Paul at work in his studio in the "studio images" section, which are quite impressive on his website at There is a raw personal narrative to his work that is also witty, and full of dark humor as well as introspection that is unmistakably Paulie. 186702983 11/16/13 This is a new painting of mine titled "Hallett Sanctuary, Central Park, NYC" 24 x 18 inches, acrylic paint on wood panel, 2013 186729447 11/17/13 NYC street detritus-this piece of a broken mirror that I saw today covered in rain drops reflecting the cloudy sky resting on an interesting texture of what is the NYC streets caught my eye. It is one of the simple things, one of the millions of things that influence me aesthetically. 186763992 11/18/13 The Pisa botanical garden in Pisa, Italy. 186810655 11/19/13 So this statue is also in the Pisa botanical garden. It is nestled into one of the corners on the grounds. I initially thought wow Edgar Allen Poe visited Pisa! No matter who I asked I could not find out who the statue was sculpted to represent, even doing the same hand gesture which people kept laughing at when I did so while asking them who the statue was. Maybe it is some type of provincial gesture. Anyway I am sticking with it being Edgar Allen Poe gesturing for people to look at his creepy eyes as there also wasn't any text inscription on the piece. 186841046 11/20/13 This is a house in Pisa and the facade of it is a mosaic made of different pebbles, stones, and rocks. 186875532 11/21/13 The obligatory tower of Pisa pic, leaning out from behind the duomo di Pisa. 186907912 11/22/13 Sometimes all it takes is a bumper sticker to lighten up the day. 186936938 11/23/13 4th of July fireworks Hell's Kitchen, NYC. 186969758 11/24/13 the band FANSHEN. 187036248 11/25/13 What the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn used to look like. 187036293 11/26/13 The geometry of architecture amidst biological forms, quite often within urban decay incorporating the gesture of graffiti and the metaphysical energy that meshes of all us and many things into the landscape are a huge influence on me. This image of a solarium in the Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona as well as the Brooklyn waterfront are reference images of some of the previously stated influences on my artwork. These reference images will be the focus of the next few pic of the days, although that is essentially what all of my pic of the days are. 187070333 11/27/13 Girona, Spain 187127487 11/28/13 Casa Mil�, Barcelona 187127493 11/29/13 train bridge in Girona, Spain. 187153223 12/1/13 these pics are of pools of water near the beach in an area called El Golfo on Lanzarote, Spain. Lanzarote is a desert island with active volcanoes and these pools are above vents from the volcano. The warmth of the vents causes algae to grow in them which makes the water appear to be green. The rocks in the pools contain a mineral called Olivine which is green in color and adds to the hue. 187257143 12/1/13 these pics are of pools of water near the beach in an area called El Golfo on Lanzarote, Spain. Lanzarote is a desert island with active volcanoes and these pools are above vents from the volcano. The warmth of the vents causes algae to grow in them which makes the water appear to be green. The rocks in the pools contain a mineral called Olivine which is green in color and adds to the hue. 187257144 12/2/13 I have to say this is one of the best pieces of artwork I saw in Italy, Pisa, which has been ravaged by the economic crisis going on there, here, and everywhere. 187257073 12/3/13 This is a pic taken in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. The illuminated shapes that appear to be floating above the people are chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. 187288249 12/4/13 The "eyes of god" cave in Central Bulgaria. 187314971 12/5/13 Bobby Head a maniacal punk rock legend and a quality dude. You can check out his band Hymen Holocaust (I know people think the name is offensive, but that is the point) at Grand Victory bar in Brooklyn, 245 Grand Street on Saturday December 28th. 187346136 12/6/13 large window in the Hagia Sophia 187380597 12/7/13 The Lindt chocolate museum/factory in K�ln, Germany. They have the history of chocolate exhibit, which is pretty awesome. There are chocolate sculptures, and a chocolate conveyor belt with a chocolate waterfall, small one, at the end. I think the architecture is awesome also. 187439998 12/8/13 Chocolate sculptures in the chocolate museum. These are made by casting the chocolate into molds. They are about 3 feet tall. 187439999 12/9/13 A person doing a graffiti piece on a train. 187481356 12/10/13 This is an old fortress called Tzarevetz in the city of Turnovo, Bulgaria, which is the old capital of Bulgaria. The fortress was destroyed by the Turks in mid 14th century all except for the church with the tower in the back of the structure at the peak of the large hill it sits atop. It is in the middle of a large valley surrounded by ridges. They do a light show each night with changing colors that illuminate the ruins of the fortress. There are lookout points on the ridges to the East and the West and the high points after those initial ones. Each of the lookouts have bells and when the light show is going on there is a laser that points to each lookout and then the lookout sounds its bell. It reminded me of Lord of the Rings when the set the signal fires in "Return of the King". For the finale all the lookouts sound their bells and the colored lights on the fortress change rapidly. It is a pretty amazing show. I have a painting that this show inspired titled "Tzarevetz" from my destination series. There is an image of it on my website in the "paintings" section. 187502378 12/11/13 Salt processing pools on Lanzarote. It is one of the few forms of industry on the island. These pools are filled with sea water and as the water evaporates the salt is left behind. 187533499 12/12/13 So the island of Lanzarote is quite a magical place. Amidst this volcanic, desert island there is a treasure trove of surreal destinations. C�sar Manrique was the famous artist of the island and he really tied the environment into his art. This picture is the underground entrance to his lair which is now a museum. The dwelling is quite big and in the midst of a lava field. In the area there were a network of large caves formed out of enormous bubbles of gas trying to escape to the surface as the lava cooled. This is what he made into his ground floor. The coolest house I have ever scene. The next round of pics will be devoted to this place and some of his artwork. 187558803 12/13/13 These rooms all have a hole or vent in the ceiling where the gas had to escape, and this one has a palm tree growing out through the vent. 187583203 12/14/13 a tree in another gas bubble room. 187641007 12/15/13 this is the pool barbeque area at the Manrique foundation. It is beneath ground level. Needless to say I think a few parties may have been thrown at the place. An interesting part about the pool is that since Lanzarote is a desert island fresh water is an extremely scarce resource. Fresh water is shipped to the island on a regular basis, so pools are quite a luxury. 187640911 12/17/13 this is inside the indoor gallery at the Manrique foundation. It is interesting to me how Manrique tied the landscape into the architecture. This is part of the lava flow that the wall and window of the gallery were built around. 187705089 12/18/13 This is one of Manrique's wall pieces of art at the foundation. I don't think calling it flat work is appropriate as so many of them are heavily built up with impasto and mixed media. He used many of the organic elements from the island such as pigments made from different types of plants, cactus beetles, rocks, and dung, while also incorporating materials such as pumice, fish bones, igneous rocks, and sand. Unfortunately I am not sure what the title of this piece is. It is about 6 x 7 feet in size. 187737075 12/19/13 another Manrique piece, this one is 3 x 4 feet, "Untitled". These images are leading up to a new painting of mine which will be a pic of the day this weekend. I am trying to convey influence, inspiration, and appreciation. 187764586 12/20/13 I think this is one of the most pertinent pieces by Manrique that is on display at the foundation. According to lore of the Canary islands which Lanzarote is a part of when Atlantis submerged to ruin there was a volcanic eruption that created other islands covering the ruined civilization of Atlantis. Referencing mythology the Canaries are in the location of where Atlantis supposedly was. That information is vague. The archipelago formed by the volcanic eruption became known as the Canaries. The name actually roots to canines, and not the bird. This is due to the fact that when Romans landed on the island they encountered a fierce native presence known as Guanches that had packs of attack dogs. There are still canary birds, whose species derives from the islands living on the islands, but supposedly their name also roots back to the latin word "canis" for dog. 187786472 12/21/13 vines 187811034 12/22/13 this is a picture of the inside of a decayed cactus. 187837068 12/23/13 clusters of empty barnacle shells. 187860184 12/24/13 Specific coastal area on Lanzarote called Papagayo, which is on the Southern end and has cliffs called the painted rocks. The rocks haven't been painted but are the result of intense geologic conditions where heated sedimentary rocks were pushed into seawater by lava. Kind of reminded me of heated food items stuffed with cheese and the cheese escaping due to pressure. 187873834 112/25/13 More Lanzarote rock formations. I hope everybody had a good Christmas and fun and healthy holidays and an excellent new year. 187897945 12/26/13 Lanzarote sunset 187918613 12/27/13 tidal pool 187969683 12/28/13 this image is interesting to me because of the color and textures. It is algae on rocks exposed by the receded tide. 187969566 12/29/13 Timanfaya national park, which is an active volcano park on Lanzarote. 187994792 12/30/13 So the next few pics of the day will be the finale of the Lanzarote images. That being said these last few images are of another location that Cesar Manrique helped design. It is called Jameos Del Agua. It is on the North end of the island. It was formed by much bigger gas caves within the lava than the Manrique foundation. When a person enters there is a descending staircase with a restaurant to the left and then to the right a large gas bubble cave open at both ends and a vent hole at the top. It is right near the sea and below the water line, so there is a saltwater pool amidst this initial cave. The canopy covers most of the pool and there are small albino crabs that live in the pool. 188029401 12/31/13 Upon walking through the cave from yesterday's pic one enters this area at Jameos Del Agua which is a higher elevation yet still below the land line. There are a lot of plants and a man-made pool. There is one last cave that is located past this area that will be tomorrow's pic. 188048423 1/1/14 This is the last cave in Jameos Del Agua. It is past the open area with the man-made pool and all the plant life from yesterday. It is probably the most extraordinary. It was formed also by huge pockets of gas trying to escape to the surface when the lava was cooling and due to the unique shape of the cave it has formed a natural auditorium. The natives claim that it has perfect sound quality. There are different types of musical and theater events performed there throughout the year. I didn't see any of the performances. The stage area in the middle of the photo is pretty big about 70 feet wide and I have no idea how far back it goes. 188075671 1/2/14 188104306 1/3/14 Little fluffy clouds, Central Park, NYC. 188136717 1/4/14 a tree casting a shadow, Hell's Kitchen, NYC. 188174058 1/5/14 Shakespeare's Garden, Central Park. 188196782 1/6/14 vines, Central Park 188239914 1/7/14 this is a 17th century German religious painting. The pic was taken at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne, Germany. The artist and title are unknown, but I like to call it the German Yoda. 188269471 1/14/14 this picture is in memory of my aunt Anne who passed away tragically in a car accident last week. She was quite a wonderful lady, and she will be dearly missed. 188493713 1/15/14 This is an image of an outdoor installation by the artist Dan Flavin. It is at the front entrance to the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin. The Hamburger Bahnhof is a pretty large museum. It originally was the main train station in Berlin and was bombed to ruin during World War 2. It was re-built later and became an art museum. The main entrance is a large building flanked by buildings on the left and right. The buildings are off-white in color. At the main building in the middle there are two large blue neon lights that are very intense. This is the Flavin installation. The lights are so bright that they illuminate the three buildings blue. When you stand in between the lights in front of the main building the lights create an illusion that makes the sky appear orange. Luckily on this night there was a cloud cover so the orange color was pretty visible. When I walked out of the entrance area onto the street I could see that the night sky was in fact black. It is a simple piece referencing complementary colors and quite interesting to me. 188521907 1/16/14 this is an installation piece by the artist Tomas Saraceno. It was on display in the main gallery space at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum. It is titled "Cloud Cities" and it consists of orbs made of vinyl and other plastics, and organic material, plants. Some of these orbs are resting on the ground and some are suspended in the air by tie lines mounted to the floor, walls, and ceiling. Viewers are encouraged to go into the orbs that are accessible . I think it has to do with the artist creating some type of fantasy realm and at the same time addressing concerns with the earth's environment. The next few pictures will be of the this piece. 188556452 1/17/14 this is a person trying to navigate one of the larger cloud pods suspended in the air. 188586189 1/18/14 another one of the Saraceno pods. 188615957 1/19/14 Berlin street art 188654364 1/20/14 decorative molding at the Charlottenburg palace in Berlin 188682047 1/21/14 Charlottenburg palace. 188718770 1/22/14 this is a pretty big mural in Berlin, about 3 stories high. I am not sure who the artist is. * The artist is a collective that goes by Blu. 188750650 1/23/14 Berlin street art on the Berlin wall nonetheless. I like to think of this piece as the afterbirth of the visual montage crescendo present at the end of 2001:A Space Odyssey. My favorite Stanley Kubrick film, and what I think is his masterpiece. He basically set the bar for science fiction and then George Lucas did Star Wars, enter merchandising, and hollywood. -also on a side note with the mural pic from yesterday which I look at as a corporation eating itself or more appropriately the people that make it what it is, my friend Gocha Tsinadze a fellow artist pointed out that it was done by an Italian artist who goes by "Blu". That pic was taken from the Berlin subway, elevated at that point and as you can see it is a fame spot. I went to school with Gocha and in my mind he is a very interesting artist. I heard he might be doing another sensory bending experience at his place or another sometime soon. You can check out his work at check it! 188808459 1/24/14 interior of a Berlin subway. 188808500 1/25/14 Damien Hirst. even though I am wary of social networking websites with their data theft and invasion of privacy I will be including more media communication outlets in this pic of the day project. I will never be on Facebook again though. I can be followed on - @joe_egan_art - joe_egan_art I also have a page on which offers an interesting opportunity for artists and people looking to collect artwork to interact. One of the interesting facets of this interaction is the possibility of people "renting" artwork which is a way for a person to obtain a piece of artwork and if they like it pay for it over an extended amount of time, or if not return the artwork. My page on there is and more artwork will be added to it soon, in addition to what is on there already. 188835782 1/26/14 this is a storefront in Barcelona that had the strangest collection of chatzkies that I had ever seen. 188872921 1/27/14 detail of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. 188943066 1/28/14 central ceiling in the Sagrada Familia 188943048 1/29/14 altar area in the Sagrada Familia 188976782 1/30/14 stained glass in the Sagrada Familia. Even the stained glass was interesting to me aesthetically. It is abstracted and consists of different colored shapes that illuminate the angles of the interior architecture in different ways throughout the day. 189009291 1/31/14 a building in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona. 189040097 2/1/14 this is a sculpture/installation piece by the artist Richard Serra at Gagosian gallery on 21st Street in NYC. The piece consists of huge curved plates of weatherproof steel and one if the interesting aspects of this piece is that it has rooms within it that is what this picture is of. The piece is titled "inside out". The next couple pics of the day will be of the work from this show. 189067306