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pic of the day 201-300 pic of the day 201-300 5/21/2014 this is a new painting of mine "Audition Coloree" 30 x 24 x 1.5 inches, acrylic and enamel on wood panel, *privately owned it is the first one of a new series called the 'Cityscape' series. 192618162 5/22/2014 new painting of mine titled "Red at Night", 30 x 24 inches, acrylic, enamel, and ink on wood panel, $900, 2014 -Cityscape series 192652926 5/23/14 Some naughtiness, Daniel Albrigo show at Muddguts gallery 41 Montrose Ave. Brooklyn. 192686384 5/24/14 amazing group show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery NYC celebrating 20 of Juxtapoz magazine through June 14th. Excellent work by some of my favorite artists in the show. This one by Jeff Soto "Night Nest" 40x48 inches, spray paint and acrylic on wood panel. 192707785 5/25/14 painting by the amazing Tara McPherson at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. 192738756 5/26/14 to all the U.S. soldiers veterans, and enlisted that have sacrificed their time, health, and lives to protect our freedom, thank you. 192767379 5/27/14 oil on wood panel painting by Alex Pardee at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. 192814894 5/29/14 so this is the finished version of the painting I posted earlier "Audition Coloree" I added some layers and made some other adjustments. 30 x 24 inches, acrylic and enamel, on wood panel, 2014, *privately owned it will be displayed along with some other very talented artists' work in a group show I am curating at my live/work studio/loft in Bushwick this weekend during Bushwick Open Studios. The reception which will include live electronic music performances is Saturday 6-10pm. The show is called BUNKER and you can find any information you need about the show and the artists on the website I designed BUNKER is studio #47 in the Bushwick Open Studios directory which can be found under Joseph Egan, Charles Lear at 192893880 5/30/14 BUNKER is ready to rock and roll. Bring it on Bushwick Open Studios. 192922275 6/1/14 So then that happened. Bushwick Open Studio street performance. 192977372 6/3/14 This image is of a stray cat sculpture that made onto the streets of Bushwick this past weekend. 193042898 6/4/14 This pic of the day is of a flying rat installation that an artist did during Bushwick Open Studios this past weekend. 193079530 6/5/14 So this is an image of the band Frogwell that performed at the BUNKER show this weekend. They did a conceptually oriented set of experimental, electronic ambient music. I dug it. One of the concepts they used was each member would be dealt a number of playing cards and the number on the card would determine how long they would play for. Each member of the band had a unique electronic gadget that they were playing. The member closest to the right has an instrument that looks like a book on his lap. It is an analog accordion type of device that he was using to play long sustained notes. The member to the left had an app on his iPhone that uses the camera to scan spectrographs he made and which then the app produced different types of sounds through the speaker the iPhone was hooked up to, very interesting stuff and good music. 193107745 6/6/14 Renzo Ortega gettin loose on the Moog little fatty synthesizer at the BUNKER show. 193130500 6/7/14 My friends Garry and Alex at the BUNKER show, friends for over twenty years. Alex I think is on the phone with his agent about a FANSHEN double EP release. 193248614 6/8/14 So as I was riding my bicycle around Bushwick this morning taking pictures and exploring amidst all the amazing murals and production pieces I found this little gem by one of my favorite artists/graffiti/street artists who goes by REVS. What he does with this piece and similar ones is he makes them and then welds them to steel from loading docks and similar structures. This one reads "REVS-HOPE". 193249187 6/9/14 So I can't post a pic of REVS art without posting a pic of his partner in crime's work also. This is the artist/graffiti/street artist COST. In the early to mid 90's this dynamic duo changed what was graffiti in NYC. I honestly think their work was what began the street art movement. They were innovators and adapted new styles of using extended paint rollers to roll their noms de plume in huge block letters on walls twenty to thirty feet off the ground, their use of wheat pasting their names/messages on just about every block in Manhattan was unprecedented. This didn't just happen downtown it was literally all over the place. Their use of stencil and permanently painted canvases and sculptures mounted to walls and other sculptures were and are amazing. It was many of these forms that gave birth to what is now street art and they weren't the only ones doing it, but were definitely innovators. This is a new one from COST, or is it? 193249278 6/10/14 New painting of mine from the Cityscape series "Summer Vortex" acrylic and oil paint on wood panel, 24 x 20 inches, 2014, $700 193248612 6/11/14 New painting from the Let's Get weird Series "CBGBs Survivor" acrylic, ink, and spray enamel, on wood panel, 30 x 24 x 2 inches, 2014, $900 193986044 6/12/14 New painting based off an image my Brother Ben sent me of the Northern Lights which are fully visible from the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. The piece is called "Mount Washington Lights" acrylic and spray enamel on wood panel, 20 x 24 inches, 2014, $700 193986263 6/13/14 This is a monument to the Great Hunger, or Great Famine that occurred in Ireland in the mid 1800s. Over 1 million people died due starvation and genocide. There was an element of the potato blight, but many of the lives were lost due to genocidal food taxes that forced most of the people into starvation, and being burnt out of their homes, and off their land and being murdered and raped. These taxes were imposed by English royalty and the rich land owners they had appointed. If anything positive came out of this scourge on humanity it was that this was the impetus for the Republic of Ireland to gain their independence from England. The monument is located in the St. Stephen's Green park in Dublin. It was one of the first things I came upon when I arrived today. 193986049 6/14/14 It was a long drive today, but well worth it. This is an image of the cliffs of Mojer, 1000 feet tall, and quite breathtaking to see. 193986491 6/15/14 So I don't want to be a bummer but I feel the need to share the history of this place as it was never in any of the lessons I had in school. This area on the West Coast of Ireland is called "The Burren". In the mid-17th century there was a war in Ireland to overcome the tyranny of British rule. It was devastating to Ireland as approximately a third of the island's population was lost due to the war. Leading on the English side was Oliver Cromwell, who was quite a despicable person. Upon the Irish being defeated Cromwell instituted that all Irish people were only to speak English. The land taxes were so harsh that most people could not afford to keep their land. Many were forced into "work houses" which were basically slave labour houses all across Ireland. People would do back breaking work to be able to stay in the work house and for a bowl of porridge in the morning and one at night with a slice of bread. Just about every work house was burnt to the ground during "The Troubles" which occurred in the early 20th century. Many of the structural skeletons of the work houses can be found across the Irish countryside. Anybody caught speaking Irish, or supporting the resistance would be tried in "court" and were given one of two sentences. The first was what the English court referred to as "transportation" which was slavery. Over 300,000 Irish people many of whom were women and children would be sent over to the West Indies and the American colonies on slave ships during this time period, around 100,000 of them were children. Many of them died on those ships. The ones who survived were referred to as "livestock". The women slaves were usually forced to be sexual slaves and were quite often bred with African slaves to produce slaves of a lighter complexion than the African slaves, because those slaves were more desirable to the slave owners than the darker skinned slaves. The children were worked until they died in the fields. All the slaves were branded. Around the end of the 17th century the focus of the slave trade went to African slaves, who were more accustomed to the hot climates of the Southern U.S. and the West Indies and fared better in those climates. The combination of the hot climate and horrible work conditions were what caused many of the Irish slaves to die, mostly due to them not being used to the hot weather and the sun. Irish slaves besides being referred to as livestock would also be called "red legs" because of their skin's red hue due to sun over-exposure. The second sentence was called "hell or Connaught". People convicted with this sentence would be given the choice hell which meant death by hanging, or being exiled to the Connaught province which is where the area in the picture the Burren is located. It was Cromwell's distinct intention (he even had one of his generals scout out the most barren area on the island to exile these people) for the people exiled to this area to starve them to death. When his general/scout found the area he reported back "there isn't a tree to hang an Irishman from, no soil to bury one in, no water to drown one in, I have found the place". The landscape is barren, and harsh and many of the exiled starved to death there. Some were able to grow food by going to the sea and taking seaweed and putting it into holes and crevices in the rock which stretches for over 2000 acres, and planting food bearing plants within the seaweed. In the center of this photo is an egg-shaped rock which is actually quite a large boulder. It is somewhat hard to discern. It is a "fairy fort" which according to Irish beliefs at the time, which many of the island's people still believe in today is that it is a portal to the fairy world. The boulder is surrounded by a ring of grassy soil. While the fairy folk are known as the good people who would bring good luck and successful crops, to disturb a fairy fort brought the worst luck to the disturber. There are documented cases in Ireland of workers disturbing fairy forts to build on top of or for whatever other reasons and these workers dying soon there after or being stricken with serious ailments. Most people in Ireland refuse to have anything to do with disturbing a fairy fort. 193986514 6/16/14 This structure is called Newgrange, or Br� na B�inne in Irish. It is the largest of forty tomb structures in the Boyne River valley in Ireland. It was constructed about 3200 BC in the Neolithic period, which pre-dates Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. It is 40 feet high by 250 feet in circumference. The darker area in the middle of the pictured structure is the entrance. People are able to go in, which I did. The entrance to the inner chamber is long and narrow, and has three smaller chambers adjacent to the small main chamber. In those three smaller chambers human remains were found when it was discovered. The most interesting part to me is that there is a small opening above the entrance doorway and on the Winter Solstice at sunrise a shaft of sunlight illuminates the inner chamber. There are many theories about the structure. That it was a tomb, that it may have been used for rituals. I think it was used for human sacrifice on the Winter Solstice as was common during those times to ensure that Spring crops and hunting would be bountiful, and then the sacrificial remains were kept in the structure till the next Winter Solstice. It remains a mystery. There are also some excellent petroglyphs at the site, which I love seeing. Most of the larger stones that make up the structure, of which there are hundreds had to be transported about 40 miles. These boulders are in the multiple ton weight range. Historians believe that some were transported on rafts on the Boyne River, but that most were rolled that distance on logs. It was before wheels started being used for transportation. It is pretty amazing to ponder the construction of this site. 193986548 6/17/14 These are the ruins of an old abbey on the hill of Slane in Ireland. 193986580 6/18/14 This is a "rag tree", or what a lot of people also call a "fairy tree" which is located at the Hill of Tara in Ireland, which is where the Irish kings used to be coronated. People tie anything from bras to get well wishes to the tree for an assortment of different reasons, but doing so is supposed to provide good luck in these people's wishes being fulfilled. There are a lot of get well wishes on the tree for people with breast cancer. 193986606 6/19/14 This is the Stone of Destiny or the Lia F�il. It is located at the Hill of Tara in Ireland. According to legend when a possible new High King of Ireland had been chosen, and had successfully passed a number of tests he would place his hands on the Lia F�il and if he was the new High King of Ireland the Lia F�il would make a screeching sound that could be heard throughout Ireland. No sound could be heard when I put my hands on the stone. It is actually a pretty interesting stone. It has dark green and reddish/maroon hues, as well as quartz-like crystals. I never saw anything like it. 193986126 6/20/14 This is an Irish or Celtic cross at the Monasterboice graveyard in Ireland. It stands 16 feet high and is carved out of sandstone. It has different panels/sections carved in relief representing biblical stories/references. It is thought to be approximately 500 years old. 193986714 6/21/14 Amazing day at the beach in Garraf, Spain. 193986836 6/22/14 One of the numerous things I love about Barcelona is the architecture and urban planning. The lay out of the city. This is one of many gems of the Modernisme architecture movement found amidst the tree-lined wide sidewalk streets of the L'Eixample district. The ornamentation of the facade of this and many other buildings in the city are fascinating to me. 193986838 6/23/14 So I took the train from Barcelona to the base of Montserrat(serrated mountain) today. It was about an hour trip, and then I took the gondola lift up to the monastery on the mountain. I am not the best fan of heights. The cable car got up to 300 feet off the ground at points. That being what it is I still do not understand totally how monks built up the place so well. It looks like a mall up there in the main area. It is crazy steep no matter where you look, treacherously steep. It was an amazing sight to see and I did the "pilgrimage" hike to see where the other out of the way sights were. A good day, and now it is the eve of St. John the Baptist day and there are fireworks being lit off all over the place. I am not religious, but enjoying the show. 193986847 6/24/14 I am a sucker for sunsets and one of my favorite places to watch the setting sun besides the rooftop of my building in BKLYN, Central Park, and numerous beaches is here, the stairs at the Mont Juic castle in Barcelona. 193986819 6/25/14 Still from a John Whitney computer animation video at the Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum. The piece is titled "Matrix iii" and was made in 1972. Whitney was one of the innovators of computer animation. 193988857 6/26/14 Sculpture by Andreu Alfaro titled "Ones" near the Barcelona sea port. 193988674 6/27/14 Stairway to ..... Mont Juic park, last day in Bar�a, back to BKLYN. 193988678 6/28/14 Back in BKLYN. 194066067 6/29/14 Bushwick, Brooklyn amazing mural by Case Ma'Claim and Pixel Pancho, one of the Bushwick Collective projects. 194066113 6/30/14 Dead vines on a wall, drawing reference #3,494,120. I think it looks like a portrait with the head tilted back. Tell me what you see. 194066122 7/1/14 Bushwick, BKLYN. This reminded me of the clouds in Van Gogh's "Starry Night", which is high on the list of my favorite paintings. 194066130 7/2/14 Some amazing artwork at the Krause Gallery in Manhattan tonight This painting is by Buff Monster 194066139 7/3/14 At least some of these high rise rip-off condo buildings in Manhattan have interesting architectural design. 194066157 7/5/14 Lovely day out and about in Brooklyn. I decided to stop by the Kara Walker art exhibit at the old Domino Sugar plant on the Williamsburg waterfront. I knew there was going to be a line. Yeah the beginning of the line is in to the right in the pic. It was 3-4 people deep and 6 blocks long. Needless to say I walked on by. 194066348 7/6/14 I don't know who the artist is, but I dig it, Bushwick street art. 194066170 7/7/14 So I would like to start documenting people more, and their stories to a degree. This is my good friend Mitch Sendrowitz. He sang at the Metropolitan Opera for decades. He and his husband Dan Mauk moved to Boston so that they could be married. Dan is also a good friend whom I have known for 30 years. They are both activists that have been through the trenches in NYC and some of the nicest people I have ever met. Mitch is holding the second piece of my artwork that they own. I would like to take a moment to say FUCK NY's outdated marriage laws, and outdated laws in general. Get it together people, NY is supposed to set a precedent. My heart and thoughts, and even prayers(which I don't do very often) are with these dudes right now. 194066351 7/8/14 This isn't actually my image. This is my long time friend Dan Mauk. When I first met Dan when I was a kid he was living on 1st and D in Alphabet City, NY. My parents told him I dig art and he took me to the Forbidden Planet store in NYC. It was awesome. Most recently I went to a screening of the movie "Surviving the Plague" which addresses the AIDS epidemic outbreak in New York and all the misinformation, and atrocities that were and still are involved with it. I was educated as there were many things I hadn't realized about the AIDS epidemic which is still horribly effecting the world. Dan gave an introduction to the film and all of the people he has lost and helped through the years being a nurse in AIDS hospices, rehab centers, and an activist, as well as a quality person. 194066176 7/9/14 I found another one of these in Barcelona. The orange on the side of the building is a sealant that is sprayed onto that building when a different building that was next to it is knocked down. It is almost a ghost image of a building. I like the color, shapes, and textures in these. 194066378 7/10/14 Piece by Mr. PRVRT at his opening at Low Brow Artique Gallery/shop in Bushwick this evening. My friend Jess and I decided this was the fave. 194066606 7/11/14 Painting away, one of three new pieces of mine that will be exhibited at Christie's staff art show "Don't Quit Your Day Dream", opening August 7th. 194066613 7/13/14 There should be a law banning these signs, Princeton, NJ. Oh yeah you can't walk around Princeton in public without a shirt on either. It is a pretty progressive little town. 194066486 7/14/14 This isn't my image but I think it is some of the important artwork that was expressed from the World Cup in Brazil. It was painted by Paulo Ito. 194667424 7/15/14 Brett Gorvy, the Head Honcho for contemporary art at Christie's and a quality dude. At his surprise 50th birthday party tonight. 194667475 7/16/14 Midtown Manhattan. 194667476 7/17/14 After suffering through a barbaric yet "necessary" form of tooth torture yesterday known as a crown lengthening, I am back in the painting zone. This is my second painting for the Christie's auction house group show "Don't Quit Your Day Dream", opening August 7th at Rockefeller Center. It is starting to take form, like a baby about to be born into the wild world. 194667509 7/18/14 Finishing up this piece for the Christie's group art show "Don't Quit Your Day Dream", opening August 7th. Using the newly acquired MQ painting as inspiration, MQ=KING bomber. 194667540 7/19/14 I don't think Hidey is digging the Summer bath idea. 194667530 7/20/14 NYC wandering studies. 194667531 7/21/14 NYC wandering study. 194667532 7/22/14 NYC wandering study-the lair of yes. 194667965 7/23/14 Hot in the city. Picture taken on the block I live on. 194667783 7/24/14 Chinese restaurant roof monster. 194693853 7/25/14 While I love an urban skyline, even more so I love ingenuity in architecture. The Eco-friendly importance of inhabitable structures within the landscape is fascinating to me. Some people call them "cave homes". There are a lot of them in the Southern mid-West and in Northern California, as well as Mexico. This image is of the visitor center at the cliffs of Moher in Ireland. 194693972 7/26/14 This was probably a dining hall. It is in the ruins of the abbey at the hill of Slane in Ireland. 194693856 7/27/14 "Now batting for the New York Yankees number 2, Derek Jeter, number 2". Hard to believe those words won't be heard after this season. I had a great day today with my Parents and my Brother Dan enjoying the game and watching my favorite player, the Captain. 194694009 7/28/14 *not my image* I actually got introduced to this artist's work through the explore option on Instagram. His name is Francisco de P�jaro from Bar�elona. I must admit at first I thought what the shit is that. This guy does some really excellent artwork that challenges many notions. His street art/performance pieces are made using trash. His message is "art is trash" yet his really isn't. It makes me wonder where the trash goes, from New York it goes into the ocean unfortunately. You can check out his work at @franciscodepajaro 194693858 7/29/14 New painting of mine. ?The Forgotten Slaves of Ireland? Acrylic paint, and spray enamel on wood panel, 2014 4 feet by 4 feet, $1800 This piece is referencing the 300,000 Irish people that were put into slavery by the English in the 17th Century. The Irish slaves were sent on slave ships to the Americas, and West Indies. 100,000 of them were children. I learned about this on a recent trip to Ireland. It is a historical fact which includes various forms of atrocities that are ignored by the United States education system. -it will be displayed at an upcoming group show at Christie's auction house, Rockefeller Center, NYC. The show will be up August 7th-21st gallery hours are M-F 9-5pm and the opening reception is August 7th 6-8pm. -my buddy Joe Nanashe has a piece in a group show at Victori Contemporary in Chelsea, NYC, opening this Thursday 6-9pm 194694141 7/30/14 New painting of mine "The Colors of Barcelona" acrylic, spray enamel, ink, enamel on wood panel, 4 x 4 feet, 2014, $1800 This will also be displayed at the Christie's "Don't Quit Your Day Dream" group show opening August 7th 6-8pm -my friend Cara Bonewitz also has work in a group show at SOHO20 Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. The show is currently up 194694194 8/1/14 Port of Barcelona. That boat that looks like a spaceship is a high speed vessel that goes to Ibiza. 194694199 8/2/14 Bushwick, BKLYN this guy literally walked a flock of pigeons down the block. 194694367 8/3/14 What intrigues me in this shot is the contrast of the illuminated Manhattan skyline and the darkened building in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. Also the reflection of the lights on the windows of the darkened building as well as the bright light in its stairwell. 194693893 8/4/14 Gi� Pomodoro sculpture at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. 194694380 8/5/14 My brother from another mother John McGarity. He is having a dog moment, that is a dog. John is an artist extraordinaire. You can check out his new paintings at and you can check out he and his wife Tiffany's amazing photography at 194950133 8/6/14 Model of the roof of Gaud�'s Casa Mil� in Bar�elona. 194950215 8/7/14 Crazy good times at the "Don't Quit Your Daydream" show tonight at Christie's. This is one of three rooms in the show. It was packed. Thank you to all who showed up, and to those of you who couldn't weekend hours are now in full effect. 7 days a week, for the next two weeks the show is open from 10-5. Check it! 50 artists and over 100 works by some amazingly talented people. 194950297 8/8/14 My Pops talking shop with my boy Chris Williams. 194950326 8/9/14 So yeah, this is in my neighborhood. The sign painters have been working on it for three days. The finishing touches are being put on the "call me if you nasty" at the bottom. Alrighty then. 194950360 8/10/14 The cat is the hat-so I went out to dinner with my parents, my brother Ben, and his friend Christina last night on Mulberry Street. My mom pointed out this guy walking down the street. I went over and asked him if I could take a picture. We agreed on a dollar for food for this pic. 194950423 8/11/14 Magical moon last night. 194950574 8/12/14 moon shadows 194950508 8/14/14 Bobby Head, quite possibly the funniest human on the earth, and one of the toughest. 194961174 8/15/14 So I am revisiting a photographic series I did 11 years ago which consists of going to scrap metal yards and documenting the beautiful destruction of waste, and the geometric patterns and gestural randomness which I love. These will be referred to as the "Heavy Metal" series, and I will be using these images as references for new paintings. 194962131 8/16/14 Heavy Metal series, # 2 194962172 8/17/14 Little guy catchin' wreck(taking a tag) at the 21st Precinct art show. Definitely check this out, it is an excellent show. It is still open next weekend. 194962306 8/18/14 Heavy Metal series #3 194962366 8/19/14 A bunch of these bug cars being loaded onto a truck on Morgan Ave. in BKLYN outside Overkill Productions, destination Burning Man. 195326895 8/20/14 "Wandering Slime" series, these are also references for new paintings in the works. Location, Maspeth Canal in BKLYN. 195327057 8/22/14 Heavy Metal series #4 195452951 8/23/14 installation by the artist Adam Dare at the 21st Precinct Show 195453442 8/24/14 Heavy Metal series #5 195453445 8/25/14 It's always nice finding money on the street. 195452958 8/26/14 My boy Danny Tojeira rockin' out with The Brigantines at one of the recent Indian Larry, R.I.P. Motorsickle jams. BKLYN 195452960 8/27/14 abandoned buliding, Maspeth Canal 195454306 8/28/14 The painted skies of Barcelona. 195454568 8/29/14 You never know what's around the bend. 195454575 8/30/14 My buddies The Principals pinwheel installation at MoMA PS1 Summer Warm Up party. It looks great when the wind hits it and makes them all spin. 195454702 8/31/14 Heavy Metal series #6 195455134 9/1/14 Heavy Metal series #7 195455185 9/2/14 My Brother Ben and I in Little Italy, NYC. A year and a half separates us in age, but so much more bonds us together. I love this dude. Photo taken by Moms. 195455208 9/3/14 The J train at Broadway Junction. 195454477 9/4/14 painting stuff 195454489 9/5/14 Brooklyn sunset. 195455252