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Pic of the day 301-400 Pic of the day 301-400 9/6/14 These are pretty big. I think they are stairwells for ships. 195455399 9/7/14 The Burren, Ireland. 195455992 9/8/14 Faces in mirrors. 195456036 9/9/14 So I was waiting on the subway platform at the 14th St. underground station for the F/M train today. It was at least 100 degrees in the station. There was also a rotten fish stench that was blowing through the tunnels that was so foul it was making me gag. I got on the train, finally, then got off at the 42nd St. stop and was walking down 40th St. in Manhattan and saw this. It made me chuckle a bit. 195455997 9/10/14 So I was waiting on the subway platform at the 14th St. underground station for the F/M train today. It was at least 100 degrees in the station. There was also a rotten fish stench that was blowing through the tunnels that was so foul it was making me gag. I got on the train, finally, then got off at the 42nd St. stop and was walking down 40th St. in Manhattan and saw this. It made me chuckle a bit. 195456000 9/11/14 Still to this day, it bothers me. People stepped up, people worked it out. I was working at WTC in 2000, a second job as a stock boy at Banana Republic on the ground floor, and I left NYC to go back to school in NJ. So many good people were lost that day. I was watching the reading of names of people lost today, and it is still painful. The names of soldiers lost in the effort should also be read on t.v. I will always be proud of my Dad for going and helping to sort out the rubble with his buddy Cliff Blanchard. 195456006 9/12/14 195456008 9/13/14 sculpture found wandering around Brooklyn. 195456034 9/14/14 This is a rock formation at the base of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. It stands almost 100 feet high and there is a natural stone bridge that joins it to the cliffs at low tide. I was taking this picture wondering if people every traversed that bridge out to this spot and then saw the first set of waves hit it and decided yeah, probably not. 195456063 9/15/14 195456139 9/16/14 I love petroglyphs even more than graffiti, which is saying something. A problem I have always had with graf over the years is the impermanence, but even that impermanence of graffiti is a statement. It is a dream of mine to check out some of the early cave paintings. This picture was taken at Newgrange in Ireland. A mystical place. 195456195 9/17/14 King's County Bar 195456201 9/18/14 Some of the amazing stone work at Newgrange in Ireland. 195456126 9/19/14 New painting "The Chill Out Room" 30 x 24 inches, acrylic, ink, enamel, spray enamel, on wood panel, 2014, $900 -the chill out room was/is a room that was separate from the main dance floor room at clubs, raves, parties that more mellow music was played in, usually ambient music, lounge music. 195456266 9/20/14 Addicted to sunsets. 195456699 9/21/14 Awwww look at the cute little chippy-munks. What is that they are playing around? Wait, what the? David Altmejd sculpture at the First Open public viewing at Christie's. 195490695 9/22/14 The weekend seems so far away. 195490770 9/23/14 Wandering patterns 195609666 9/24/14 Biggest set of wind chimes I have ever seen, wandering around Brooklyn taking shots. 195609575 9/25/14 That's 20 stories of air shaft at Rockefeller Center. 195609777 9/26/14 Heavy Metal series #8 195610333 9/27/14 I have been experimenting with layering different shades of black ink for backgrounds on paintings. This is one of them. 195610159 9/28/14 Main entrance to the church on Montserrat outside Bar�elona. 195610530 10/1/14 one of the recent Indian Larry motorsickle jams. 195764547 10/2/14 Detail of Kerrey Hall-The New School in Manhattan. 195764646 10/3/14 These are what appear to be some type of air handling units that are on top of an industrial building in my neighborhood. I have no idea what their true purpose is, but I like the symmetry of them. 195765314 10/4/14 This is the entrance to Newgrange. The largest of multiple ancient Irish passage tombs in the Br� na B�inne area of Ireland. It is over 5 thousand years old. The hole in the middle is the entrance that leads to a narrow passage to the tomb area. The hole above the entrance allows a shaft of light to illuminate the tomb on one day of the year, the Winter Solstice. It is quite a mystical place. 195765537 10/5/14 My good friend and amazingly talented artist J. Burton McGarity getting situated in his new studio space. You can check out some of his work at and some of he and his wife Tiffany's internationally renowned photography work at -I am very excited to announce that J. Burton McGarity will be one of the incredibly talented artists exhibiting at the next pop-up art show at my place aka BUNKER. It is a group show titled "Day of the Dead" and the opening reception will be Friday October 31st. The website for the show is images and information about the artists will be profiled on the website later this week. 195765551 10/6/14 Grady Gordon, the first completed piece for the "Day of the Dead" show. "Offerings for Samhain" Monotype print on rives bfk 11x15" 2014 $350 Grady is one of if not my favorite contemporary print artists. He does his work in his studio, and is an art making dynamo. Grady's info @joaquindead on insta and Day of the Dead show Opening reception October 31st in BKLYN 195765614 10/7/14 Taylor Bowen is another artist showing in the upcoming Day of the Dead show. He has an impressive body of work that to me has a punk rock edge. Some of his recent projects include the free art Fridays where he puts a painting out on the street, usually in the Bushwick area and encourages people to steal them. This piece is "Damp" Mixed Media on Canvas 34" x 24" 2014 $1,200 You can check out more of his work at awesome stuff! 195765668 10/8/14 Box of copper leaf. 195781544 10/9/14 The King's threshold at Cnoc na Teamhrach in Ireland. This was an area in which the ancient Kings of Ireland would step through and then they would be beginning a series of trials towards becoming the King of Ireland. 195844578 10/10/14 fractured glass pattern 195844580 10/11/14 Brooklyn sunset 195844859 10/12/14 New painting "Photuris Politicus" 16 x 16 inches, acrylic, ink, enamel, and spray enamel on cradled wood panel, 2014, $600 -this is one of my pieces for the upcoming Day of the Dead show -the title is a fabricated scientific name. Photuris is the genus name of a type of firefly that uses deception to eat would-be mates. Politicus is the species name that refers to politics. 195844507 10/13/14 This structure on Montserrat in Spain is the Santa Cova which was built around a cave on the side of the mountain. The cave at one point housed the "black Madonna" statue, thought to be carved by St. Luke, which was hidden there from invaders and later re-discovered there centuries later. It is a pilgrimage site. 196076154 10/14/14 So this picture was taken from the Santa Cova(yesterday's picture). It is looking back across the primary ravine of Montserrat at the village area that has been built by monks over the centuries. The structures include a large museum and church, a galleria(no Starbucks), residences for the monks, and two hotels. The monks have been busy. 196076155 10/15/14 Night wandering. 196076211 10/16/14 wandering slime 2 196076239 10/17/14 This is a costume store in Cologne, Germany. This image is about 1/8 of the store's total costume storefront window display. 196076242 10/18/14 "Dirty Old Town" 16 x 16 inches, acrylic, and spray enamel on cradled wood panel, 2014, $600 196076070 10/19/14 Sneaker party, downtown Manhattan. 196076264 10/20/14 Needless to say this guy was giving me the heeby jeebies this weekend at the dark carnival at King's County. 196076427 10/21/14 Maspeth Canal, separating Brooklyn and Queens. 196076428 10/22/14 This picture is also the Maspeth Canal, which is part of Newtown Creek. Newtown Creek is a Superfund site. These are E.P.A. workers on the boat taking silt samples to measure the level of toxins. 196076478 10/23/14 Abandoned church on the West coast of Ireland. 196076480 10/25/14 I had a great time visiting my buddy Chris Williams at his/The Principals studio in Greenpoint today. Chris will have sculptural work in the upcoming Day of the Dead show. Opening jam this Friday! 196076481 10/26/14 Hanging out at The Principals studio. 196320040 10/27/14 Brooklyn water tower. 196320309 10/28/14 Wandering patterns. 196320425 11/1/14 I just wanted to thank everybody who was able to make the Day of the Dead art show such a great time. To all the people who helped out, showed up, helped promote, and of course the excellent artists, as well as the people who couldn't make it, thank you for getting together and making a memorable event happen. I will be posting more pictures of the event on the website for the show in the next few days and will announce when they are up. 196320604 11/2/14 Day of the Dead show at BUNKER install shots 196320682 196320683 196320684 196320685 196320686 196320687 196320688 11/3/14 Dancing the Halloween away. 196320700 11/4/14 Halloween oddities, girl or guy? 196320764 11/6/14 Old school metal lathe at my buddies The Principals shop. They don't make them like this anymore. 196320835 11/8/14 Red at night, New Yorker's delight. 196320927 11/9/14 Enjoying a moment of tranquility with the lovely Sarah Wendell in the Christie's galleries post-install/public viewing chaos. Sarah orchestrates the people in the Post-war and Contemporary department at Christie's as a Business Manager. I protect, move around, store, install, and take care of paintings like these Warhols, and Lichtenstein for the Post-war and Contemporary department evening sale at Christie's. You are looking at about $150 million dollars worth of artwork right there. 196320935 11/10/14 Countdown to the mega-auction at Christie's Wednesday night. There are so many amazing pieces in the sale. It is quite breathtaking and one of the reasons why I love my job. My favorite is the Franz Kline "King Oliver" painting in the middle. Flanked by two impeccable de Koonings. Not too shabby. 196480414 11/11/14 Thank you to all the veterans who have made huge sacrifices for all of us. The image is of the Jasper Johns painting "Flag". 196480420 11/13/14 Sailin' on 196480447 11/15/14 Good times and excellent art at the Skinner and Arik Roper opening at The Cotton Candy Machine gallery in BKLYN. 196480471 11/16/14 So as this is roughly a year of pic of the day I would like to sincerely thank everybody who takes part in this visual diary project. Your support means a lot to me. This pic is called subway drips. 196480518 11/17/14 An example of some of the amazing stone work that is throughout Ireland. This image is about an 8 x 8 foot section of a wall that is 12 feet high and 100 feet long. 196708422 11/18/14 New sculpture "Toolz of tha Trade" beer can, spray paint can, and wood painted bronze with spray enamel, 10 x 11 x 4 inches, 2014, $250, $350 with custom steel pedestal. 196708467 11/19/14 Artwork by Bad Pedestrian at the 21st Precinct show in NYC. 196708509 11/20/14 I have always loved Doze Green's artwork. He smashed it tonight with his new artwork opening at Jonathan Levine gallery. 196708623 11/21/14 Just picked up my tin type from the amazing team of John and Tiffany McGarity, Laura Germida, Gair Wissenbach. You can check out more of John and Tiffany's photo work at 196708702 11/22/14 I had a great time visiting Taylor Bowen and Kristy Elena's studio last night. Good people and amazing artwork. You can check out more of Taylor's work at 196708830 11/23/14 Initially I thought this kid had fallen down or something when I was walking into Duane Reade and then hearing the parents saying for her to get up realized yep that's a temper tantrum. 196708832 11/24/14 I still have no idea how people ride these things in NYC without breakin something. 196708834 11/25/14 new painting "Gritty City Pink" acrylic on cradled wood panel, 12 x 12 inches, 2014 *privately owned 196708851 11/30/14 I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving/turkey day. After a holiday hiatus here is a pic of a new painting of mine "Gritty City Pink #2" 12 x 12 inches, acrylic and ink on cradled wood panel, 2014, $400 196709051 12/1/14 Sometimes I have to remind myself to appreciate even the most simplest of things in life. 196708867 12/2/14 So in the spirit of the holidays I am going to be doing a series titled "Jammy Jams" which will consist of smaller paintings. The paintings will primarily be $100 in price. If you would like to purchase a piece and it needs to be shipped you can let me know your shipping address, then I will calculate the shipping cost and that will be added onto the price of the painting. Paypal is my preferred way to conduct payment transactions. -this is the first painting in the Jammy Jam series it is titled "Paint the Town Red" acrylic and enamel on a deep cradled (1.5 inch deep) wood panel, 8 x 8 inches, 2014, $100 196708868 12/3/14 Jammy Jam #2 "A Lot of People Won't Get No Supper Tonight" acrylic and enamel on deep cradled (1.5 inch deep) 8 x 8 inch wood panel, 2014, $100 -All of the proceeds from the sale of this painting will be donated in the purchaser's name and mine to the Catholic Worker. I am an agnostic, and the Catholic worker has been providing clothing, food, shelter, and counseling to the less fortunate for decades in downtown Manhattan. 196708874 12/4/14 Jammy Jam #3 "Eye Crown" acrylic on deep (1.5 inch deep) cradled 8 x 8 inch wood panel, 2014, $100 196708878 12/5/14 Jammy Jam #4 "Sacred Datura" acrylic and enamel on deep (1.5 inch deep) cradled 8 x 8 inch wood panel, 2014, $100 196709317 12/6/14 Jammy Jam #5 "Concrete Jungle" acrylic and enamel on deep (1.5 inch deep) cradled 8 x 8 inch wood panel, 2014, privately owned 196709319 12/7/14 Plenty of wacky stuff at the Robert Gober show at MoMA. 196709442 12/8/14 #6 from my Jammy Jam series "Hypnagogia" acrylic and enamel on deep (1.5 inch deep) cradled 8 x 8 inch wood panel, 2014, $100 197177957 12/9/14 Jammy Jam #7 "The Wandering Blues" acrylic and enamel on cradled (1 inch deep) 8 x 8 inch wood panel, 2014, $100 197178044 12/10/14 Check out my homie Renzo Ortega's artwork in the Hunter College MFA thesis exhibition openingtomorrow Dec. 11th 6-8pm 205 Hudson Street, up through Dec. 27th. You can check out more of Renzo's visual art at and his music at *picture not taken by me 197178028 12/11/14 One of Renzo Ortega's awesome paintings at the Hunter College MFA group II thesis show. Up through December 27th. 197178046 12/13/14 The tree at Rockefeller Center. 197178049 12/14/14 New painting "Formed in the Ashes" acrylic and enamel on 1 inch deep cradled 12 x 12 inch wood panel, 2014, $400 197178149 12/15/14 Pretty awesome seeing my brother Ben's name in credits for the movie "Beyond the Pines". It would be even more awesome if PAs got paid what they deserve. 197178084 12/16/14 Missing Summer sunsets. Picture taken with in-camera color saturate filter. 197178086 12/17/14 New painting "Strength From The Blue" acrylic and enamel on 1 inch deep cradled wood panel 12 x 12 inches, 2014, *privately owned 197178089 12/18/14 New painting "They Don't Even Like Us" acrylic on 1.5 inch deep cradled wood panel 12 x 12 inches, 2014, $300 197178333 12/19/14 So I have been trying to get this picture for years now. It is two subways passing each other underground. The perspective is looking from one subway into the other. I have tried to get it many times but have not been quick enough with the camera or the image didn't come out. Tonight I finally got a half decent one. One of the small victories of the day. 197178488 12/20/14 Alleyway in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 197178382 12/21/14 Interior of the church atop Montserrat in Spain. 197178397 12/22/14 Abandoned ski lift in Bulgaria. 197178418 12/23/14 new painting "Little Pinky" acrylic on 1 inch deep cradled 6 x 6 inch wood panel, 2014, privately owned 197178419