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Pic of the day 401-500 Pic of the day 401-500 12/26/14 New painting "Dream Home" acrylic on cradled 2 inch deep 24 x 30 inch wood panel, 2014, *gift for my parents 197178537 12/27/14 New painting "The Datura Moon" acrylic and enamel on 1.5 inch deep cradled 8 x 8 inch wood panel, 2014, gifted to my parents 197178493 12/28/14 Volcano field in Timanfaya National Park on Lanzarote one of the Canary Islands, Spain. 197178586 12/29/14 new painting Jammy Jam #9 "Metal Head" acrylic on 1 inch deep cradled 8 x 8 inch wood panel, 2014, $100 197178513 12/30/14 Puerto Del Carmen on Lanzarote. 197178514 12/31/14 Last one for 2014 "Little Pinky #2" acrylic on 1 inch deep cradled 6 x 6 inch wood panel, 2014, privately owned Happy New Year to family and friends, old and new, near and far. I hope 2015 makes dreams come true for you and it is a fun, safe, healthy and excellent year for you and for all! 197178515 1/2/15 So I did a very interesting studio visit to Alanna Vanacore's studio today. You can check out more of her phenomenal artwork at 197178606 1/3/15 Ancient stone marker at Newgrange in Ireland. 197178650 1/4/15 empty warehouse in Brooklyn. 197178524 1/5/15 Old wood, the little white puff floating above the wood towards the top off-center to the right is a reflection of a cloud on the water that the wood is in. 197178741 1/6/15 rooftops 197178694 1/7/15 Chilly willy BKLYN night lights. 197178704 1/8/15 Oh I wish I was there now. Garraf, Spain. 197178779 1/9/15 My first painting of 2015, jammy jam #10 "Swamp Thing", acrylic and ink on 1.5 inch deep cradled 8 x 8 inch wood panel, $100 197178710 1/10/15 Chillin with some of my boys. 197178801 1/11/15 So there was a pipe leak in my bathroom and the walls had to be taken down. This is the new wall with a water sealant. It seems like the worker who applied the water sealant channeled his inner Mark Rothko. 197178803 1/12/15 The Barcelona Pavilion, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, located in Barcelona. 197178727 1/13/15 random abstraction 197178817 1/14/15 I dig post-modern architecture generally speaking. This Cooper Union building in downtown Manhattan has an eerie glow to it at night. 197178837 1/15/15 New painting "Space Storm" acrylic on 1 inch deep cradled 12 x 12 inch wood panel, 2014, $250 197178839 1/16/15 New painting of mine, jammy jam #11 "Winter Beach" acrylic on 1.5 inch cradled 8 x 8 inch wood panel, 2015, $100 197178841 1/17/15 VEX ONE and BUC ONE graffiti brothers and friends for life. 197178872 1/18/15 Members of the music/performance art group Mino constructing a video projection back drop for one of their performances. 197178883 1/19/15 This is a fountain/pool in the Jardins de Joan Maragall in Barcelona. It is symbolic to me because I have been contemplating the cycle of life today. Appreciating a person amidst many that had and whom have the kindness, determination, wisdom, and strength of character to peacefully work towards equality, and to speak out against injustice in a profound way. Martin Luther King Jr. and people who exude similar qualities are a constant source of inspiration to me. 197178971 1/20/15 Old stone wall in Central Ireland. 198709448 1/21/15 Graveyard in Central Ireland. 198709450 1/22/15 I love abandoned places, ruins, and ancient monuments. This image is looking through the doorway of a church ruin out onto the Irish countryside from atop the Hill of Sl�ine. 198709457 1/23/15 New painting "Fuck GMOs" acrylic on 1 inch deep cradled 12 x 12 inch wood panel, 2014, $250 198709551 1/24/15 The band Not Blood Paint rockin' it last night at a benefit show for Eric Garner, which took place at Shea Stadium the music venue. You can check out Not Blood Paint's music at 198709495 1/25/15 My friend Theo, who is an excellent chef, making it happen. 198709497 1/26/15 Guess who forgot to pick up TP from the store on his way home from work amidst the blizzard of the century? This guy 198709568 1/27/15 New painting, Jammy Jam #12 "To The Sea" acrylic on 1.5 inch deep 8 x 8 inch cradled wood panel, 2015, $100 198709504 1/28/15 It looks like somebody was trying to pay my buddy John for his photography work with kisses. I opted to pay cash. 198709509 1/29/15 Looking out onto the countryside of Central Ireland over the teeth of an ancient wall. 198709606 1/30/15 New painting Jammy Jam #13 "Thaw" acrylic and ink on 1.5 inch deep cradled 8 x 8 inch wood panel, 2015, $100 198709677 1/31/15 Eerily lit buildings at night in Barcelona. From this past Summer. 198709755 2/3/15 Industrial-scape in Brooklyn. 198709756 2/4/15 Yours truly at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland this Summer. 198709696 2/5/15 I stumbled across this 70 feet high Joan Mir� sculpture in Bar�elona this Summer. The title is "Dona i Ocell(woman and bird)". 198744882 2/6/15 Anish Kapoor's "Cloud Gate" in Chicago, aka chilly bean. 198744975 2/7/15 The next show I am doing at my place occurs this coming Friday the 13th. It is titled "Forget Me Nots". It is a group show with phenomenal artists. The website for the show which is still under construction is Any info about the show can be found on the website. The image attached is of the promotional sticker for the show. 198744891 2/9/15 The Chicago River waterfront. Cold as hell. 10 degrees and who knows what it was with the wind chill. 198744980 2/10/15 So I did quite an enjoyable studio visit with the artist Michael Alan this evening at his studio. I have appreciated Mike's artwork aesthetically for a while, but after talking to him about his concepts, motivations, and progress I dig his work even more now. Mike has a solo show opening at Gasser & Grunert Gallery located on 33 Orchard St. in NYC. The opening for that is February 24th, and he will then be doing a living installation at the gallery on the 25th which will be a memorable experience. You can purchase tickets for the living installation on his website and also check out more of his projects. You can get more info about the gallery at Mike will also have works in the upcoming BUNKER Forget Me Nots show happening this Friday where he will also be doing live drawing. 198744892 2/11/15 Jess Cervenka getting ready to do the install layout for the BUNKER Forget Me Nots show. 198745001 2/12/15 So I thought I had finished my painting for the Forget Me Nots show at BUNKER tomorrow. That was not the case. Here is the finished painting for tomorrow's show "Everything Else is Secondary" acrylic and ink on 1.5 inch deep cradled 24 x 20 inch wood panel, 2015, $700 198745002 2/15/15 so the Forget Me Nots show went better than expected. Good times, great people and excellent artwork. Thank you to all who were able to make it, and to all who were there in spirit. 198745020 2/15/15 Forget Me Nots show 198745237 2/15/15 Forget Me Nots Show 198745238 2/15/15 Forget Me Nots Show 198745239 2/15/15 Forget Me Nots show 198745240 2/16/15 The illuminated tower is part of the Jaume Plensa sculpture in Chicago. 198745199 2/17/15 Alright snow monsters I've had enough of you. Time to melt away. 198745207 2/18/15 There's a first time for everything. 198745212 2/19/15 So I am donating a painting for the auction at this event. If you want to get involved please do so. It is for my friend's nephew. It is a good cause. 198745246 2/20/15 geometric things 198745230 2/21/15 Random stuff wandering around Brooklyn. 198745252 2/22/15 new painting of mine Jammy Jam #14 "Timeless Visions" acrylic on 1.5 inch deep cradled 8 x 8 inch wood panel, 2015, $100 198745255 2/23/15 A drawing by Jean Dubuffet who is on my list of top ten favorite artists. 198745349 2/24/15 So there are a lot of amazing openings happening within the next week or so. The two most recent are attached. My friend Bad Pedestrian(group) and Michael Alan(solo). 198745264 2/24/15 So there are a lot of amazing openings happening within the next week or so. The two most recent are attached. My friend Bad Pedestrian(group) and Michael Alan(solo). 198745265 2/25/15 Another amazing opening happening tomorrow. My friend Lala Abaddon's solo show opening at Castor Gallery. Check it out it is going to be bonkers. 198747502 2/26/15 Going to Michael Alan's living installation opening last night was some of the most important art I have seen in over ten years. This is a drawing I did from the show. 198747554 2/27/15 So Lala Abaddon's solo show at Castor Gallery is quite an experience. The ground floor is mainly comprised of her meta weave works, which are extraordinary. For me when an artwork is amazing to view from afar and and a different type of sublime up close as well as being conceptually and theoretically intriguing is a successful expression. That is what her work is. There is a tree in the middle of that room which strikes me as the tree of life because it connects the physical world with the ethereal world. The ethereal world being the installation in the basement which is what this image is of. I highly recommend enjoying the experience of her work. Her website is 198747561 2/28/15 it was packed to gills at the Outlaw Arts "Visual Pleasures" group art show opening on Wednesday. Some really sick artwork, and Bad Pedestrian had some visually stunning collaged paintings in the show, which is some of the artwork to the right in the image. 198747512 3/1/15 Gimme some sugar baby! So I am going to try out this somewhat new spray paint that is sugar and acrylic based instead of the usual petroleum and solvent based spray paint. Supposedly it isn't as toxic and doesn't stink as much as traditional spray paint and has a higher quality of pigment. 198747513 3/2/15 So this structure is located about a tenth of a mile of the coast of Chicago in Lake Michigan. I have been trying to find out what it is to no avail. I am guessing it is an old fort that was converted into a weather station. Regardless when it is particularly cold out I think to myself I am glad I am not stuck in that place. 198747576 3/3/15 subway tunnels in Chicago. 198747655 3/4/15 it's time. 198747656 3/5/15 So I have always loved exploring. One of the wanderings that I began to do on a somewhat regular basis 12 years ago is going to scrap metal yards. The beautiful decay, the force involved with twisting the metal, the latent history of where these objects came from, the geometric patterns, the gestures, and the hidden treasures in these places fascinate and inspire me in many ways. There are many stories involved with these scrap metal yard explorations. This is the first painting I have done based on those explorations. It is titled "Heaps of Inspiration" acrylic and ink on 1.5 inch deep cradled 24 x 30 inch wood panel, 2015, $900. 199008062 3/6/15 Brooklyn ice crystals 199008079 3/9/15 So I don't usually like posting images of works in progress but this is the finished background of a five by nine feet painted banner for a benefit concert for a friend who is battling lymphoma. The event Nate Fest is taking place March 21st and 22nd. As far as the banner I am painting the NATE FEST letters next and craigFUyong who I am collaborating on this painting with will be doing a portrait of Nate in the center of the banner. 199008080 3/10/15 day 2 of progress on the banner 199008081 3/11/15 day 3 199008236 3/12/15 day 4 199008086 3/15/15 So I helped my buddy J. Burton McGarity move his art studio and he gave me this ridiculously awesome painting. I couldn't be more psyched. I have a spot of prominence for it all set. 199008244 3/16/15 My Dad, Mom, little Bro Dan, and I taking in our last live game of seeing Jeter play. The picture was taken by my Mom. Good times. 199008293 3/17/15 The area of the Cliffs of Moher North of O'Brien's tower. I took this picture last Summer. Happy St. Patrick's day all. 199008105 3/18/15 random window pattern, found while wandering around Brooklyn. 199008107 3/19/15 The base of the Columbus monument in Barcelona. I took the picture this past Summer. 199008296 3/20/15 Day 6, three more cityscape layers to go and then it is ready for the show. 199008338 3/21/15 Day 6, three more cityscape layers to go and then it is ready for the show. 199008349 3/21/15 #2 detail image of my signature on the Nate Fest banner. 199008353 3/23/15 My beautiful and awesome Sister Bridgid and I sharing some good food and laughs at La Casa Vasca in Newark last Spring before Marty Brodeur's last game as a NJ Devil. 199008473 3/24/15 Riding on a cloud-Hoping that Friday was my last opportunity to take a picture like this. 199008480 3/25/15 New painting, Jammy Jam #15, "All That We See or Seem is but a Dream Within a Dream", 8 x 8 inches, acrylic on 1 inch deep wood panel, 2015, $100 199008605 3/26/15 New painting, Jammy Jam #16, "Spring Love", 8 x 8 inches, acrylic on 1 inch deep wood panel, 2015, $100 199008608 3/27/15 Bye bye salt crystals on the sidewalk. 199008501 3/28/15 the concrete, glass, and metal canyons of Midtown, NYC 199008677 3/29/15 New Painting, "The Underground Parties-One" 12 x 12 inches, acrylic on 1.5 inch deep cradled wood panel, 2015, $250 199008626 3/30/15 new painting, Jammy Jam #17, "Connection", 8 x 8 inch, acrylic on 1 inch deep wood panel, 2015, $100 199008679 3/31/15 So one of the things I love about my job besides the extraordinary artworks I work with directly is the work by artists that I may not have seen in my explorations. This painting is a good example of that. I am digging this painting by O. Louis Guglielmi "Obsessive Themes" painted in 1948. It was in the recent "American Art" sale at Christie's. 199008680 4/1/15 New painting, Jammy Jam #18 "Fear-The Mind Killer" 8 x 8 inch, acrylic on 1 inch deep wood panel, 2015, $100 199008681 4/2/15 So this is my hand about a month ago. It is healed now. The wound is from when I entered my friend's residence and I stuck out my hand to greet his new pit bull and it bit me unprovoked. I had to go to the hospital and luckily the bite missed anything anatomically crucial in the finger. It is something I have been thinking about a lot as I love animals. My sister was also attacked by a pit bull unprovoked when we were younger. I honestly think people need to go through a thorough evaluation before they are allowed to own pit bulls, mixed breeds or pure. This was also the first time I have ever been bitten by a dog. I didn't report the attack, and am wondering if that was a good idea. 199008872 4/5/15 New painting "Tame the Beast", 10 x 10 inches, acrylic on 1.5 inch deep cradled wood panel, 2015, $175 199008876 4/6/15 So my parents were nice enough to give me a lift back into Brooklyn on Sunday. Still to this day I get a kick out of the view of the downtown Manhattan cityscape from Cadman Plaza on the BQE. 199009285 4/7/15 Not a rain drop in sight. 199009058 4/8/15 I fell into a burning rink of fire. Not literally, just referencing Mr. Cash. This is the pre-game light show at the NJ Devils game last night with my parents and my cousin Mike. 199009286 4/9/15 amazing collage artwork by Morgan Lappin at 188 Galerie. 199009068 Morgan Lappin-artwork 199009071 4/10/15 This guy was running out into traffic on 6th Avenue in front of Penn Station the other day holding this sign which reads "" 199009094