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pic of the day 101-200


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Something that is a enjoyable factor for me with truly admiring a piece of artwork is it intriguing me viewing it close up and from a distance. It is not a necessity for me to appreciate a piece. This painting by Dali at his museum is the epitome of the close up and at a distance viewing relationship. The vision that Dali exuded using the combination of representation, the female figure up close, and abstraction, the portrait of Abraham Lincoln perceivable from a distance is astounding. You should be able to see the portrait of Lincoln if you step a few feet back from your computer. Not only that but due to the color relationship of the squares within the mosaic pattern when you move towards and away from the piece, and side to side while viewing it the colors appear to shift. This is quite an amazing piece of artwork to me.
Posted on March 26, 2014